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The Factory Team 12R5.1 is the latest evolutionary step in Associated’s twenty-five years of 1:12 scale racing history. New for the RC12R5.1 is the wide three-point rear pod that has been optimized for fitting brushless motors as well as heat dissipation. The 12R5.1 is built on a 2.5mm woven carbon fiber chassis that utilizes a pivot-ball link rear suspension that allows for independent adjustments for chassis roll, bump, and alignment.

Having the ability to make these chassis adjustments independently gives the 12R5.1 greater potential for the best possible handling on any track surface. While testing, the pivot-ball link chassis has proven to be more durable in high-speed impacts and excels in bumpy track conditions.

The 12R5.1 features shocks with a through-shaft design providing equalized damping throughout the full stroke of the shock in both directions without any unwanted rebound. The center shock tower has four mounting positions that split the spring rates for even finer adjustments. The center shock also controls the chassis droop and can be adjusted on the car with a turnbuckle wrench, making it easier and quicker to get dialed in.

The 12R5.1's "Active Strut" front end has been optimized, featuring symmetric components with adjustable caster and track width, as well as a front axle with wheel nut. Factory Team blue aluminum servo mounts position the servo flat on the chassis for a lower center of gravity and include Ackermann adjustment spacers. The foam front bumper helps protect body and chassis during impacts.

The 12R5.1 comes ready for brushless with a new optimized wide rear pod. The rear pod features a woven carbon fiber top plate and Factory Team blue aluminum machined motor mount, left side bulkhead and motor mount standoff. The woven carbon fiber top plate attaches to the motor mount and left side bulkhead at three points, and uses an integrated standoff, making the rear pod more rigid. Front-to-rear chassis balance is optimized at the center of the battery, allowing an easy transition to 3.7V LiPo batteries.

Required items:
R/C 2-channel surface frequency radio system
Batteries (4 cells, laid out 2x2, not as stick pack)
Battery charger (peak detection charger recommended)
Electronic speed control
R/C electric motor
Pinion gear
1:12 scale body
Paint for body
Glue for tires
Steering servo for 1:12 scale


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Team Associated 12R5.1 Factory Team

Team Associated 12R5.1 Factory Team