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OS Engines SPEED 21XZ-M


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Racing engine 21 XZ-M marine version.

Line engine developed by the department "OS SPEED" is widely used by a large number of competitors worldwide, and more and more engines of this series occupy the catwalks of major international races.

Version 21 XZ-M is the first boat racing engine in this range. This engine is developed on the basis of the motor 21 XZ-R (track version) has the same manufacturing advantages (DLC treated crankshaft, balanced, ....).


Displacement: 0.213 cu in (3.49 cc)
Bore: 0.641 in (16.27 mm)
Stroke: 0.661 in (16.8 mm)
Practical RPM: 4,000-45,000
Output: 2.8 ps/2.76 hp @ 33,000 rpm
Weight: 10.85 oz (307.5 g)
Includes: 21D carb, RP7 turbo plug, exhaust seal ring, head gasket set, dust cap set
Requires: 10-30% nitro boat fuel (20% recommended for break-in), exhaust system, glow plug igniter


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OS Engines SPEED 21XZ-M

OS Engines SPEED 21XZ-M