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OS Engine MAX 21XZ-B


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Affordable, competition-caliber performance!
The 21XZ-B delivers top-of-the-line power and performance, for far less than you'd expect. It's an ideal upgrade for 21VZ-B V-Spec users that improves torque and acceleration while weighing less and lowering the center of gravity.
New 21J2 three-needle carburetor includes a 7 mm restrictor for fine-tuned control.      
Also offers improved fuel mileage and a stronger crankcase.


Displacement 3.49cc(
Output 2.55ps/2.51hp/33,000rpm
Bore 16.27mm(0.641in.)
Practical r.p.m.Range 4,000-40,000rpm
Stroke 16.8mm(0.661in.)


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OS Engine MAX 21XZ-B

OS Engine MAX 21XZ-B