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NOVAK 3604 Ballistic Racing Brushless Motor 4.5T Näytä suurempana

NOVAK 3604 Ballistic Racing Brushless Motor 4.5T


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  • Heavy-Duty Solder Tabs Sensor-Based Easy-To-Adjust Timing Assembly Completely Rebuildable Design New Sleek Black Endbells Meets ROAR & IFMAR Specs Removable Shielded Sensor Harness Sintered Rotor


Through years of research and development, Novak has released their Ballistic series of brushless motors ? which for lack of better terms, are absolutely ballistic! The next generation Ballistic motors feature an easy-to-adjust timing assembly that makes altering the RPM range quick and painless. Also included are heavy-duty solder tabs, new sleek end bells and sintered rotor. As with all the Novak brushless motors, the Ballistic series are nothing short of amazing ? they are more than enough to satisfy racers and backyard bashers. Novak's Ballistic motors are compatible with the Novak GTB and SLYDR brushless speed controls. This Ballistic 4.5T is excellent for off-road high traction, and on-road low traction applications.

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