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OS Engine 28XZ


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28XZ Truggy Engine

Perfectly balanced power for today's truggies!

With input from top truggy drivers, O.S. has developed the ideal engine for these hybrid hot rods! The 28XZ produces more low-end torque, providing the rpm/torque balance that heavier truggies require. The result is power that's incredibly smooth, for truggies more drivable than ever thought possible!

  • The larger head aids in cooling, and is a 2-piece construction with inner head button.
  • A sealed front bearing and high-performance inner bearing are part of the new crankcase design.
  • The high-performance con rod features oiled bushings.
  • Three needles enhance fine-tuning on the 21J slide-valve carb.
  • Comes with a high-performance P3 hot turbo plug.
  • Flywheel sets are required (OSMG2648 for Mugen, OSMG2649 for Kyosho, both sold separately) for certain truggy models.

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