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Sanwa Super Vortex-PLUS ZERO


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â—Built-In Receiver (RX-472) 
2.4GHz frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS4)
â—Back Cancel 
â—Boost Zero Indication
â—SSR/SHR/NOR Automatic Recognition & Indication
â—8 Programming Mode
・Full Brake Rate
・Neutral Brake Rate
・Drive Feel
・Neutral Brake Feel
・Brake Feel
・Boost Timing (Advanced Timing)
・Power Mode
â—SSL function
â—Meet the requirements of the regulation "boost off"
*Checked by connection to TH Channel & LED Blue Light Flashing


â—Maximum Motor Power Value 

  Reduction of loss resistance and control efficiency upgrade the control of temperature increase 

  and basic functions so much.

â—Multi-Protection System

  Protection against low voltage, sensor cable trouble, motor lock, overheat of body

  overheat of motor (*1)     *1; Compatible only with built-in temperature sensor motor

â—Direct Copper Designed Terminal

  Direct connection of power wire save the loss at most.

â—Compatibility with Multi-Battery

  Cut-Off Voltage setting enables compatibility with multi-battery.





 If the setting value of Programming mode 7 (Drive feel) is low,

 knocking phenomenon (ticking sounds) may occur depending on your motor. 

 If knocking phenomenon occur, please set the default value (DF60) on programming 7.


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Sanwa Super Vortex-PLUS ZERO

Sanwa Super Vortex-PLUS ZERO